Our Service

Business Advisory

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As accounting and tax advisors, we are in a unique position to advise our clients on issues and opportunities relating to their business. We become a value-added member of our client’s advisory team, available to consult on all aspects of their business.

Recent Accomplishments

Implementation of pension plan lump sum buyout of terminated vested participants to avert significant workforce legacy costs and minimize risk.

Client representative for successful bidding and execution of North American insurance package, including general liability and employee compensation coverages.

Identification of client saving opportunity relating to excess long-term rental arrangements.

Review of company stock issuances and the ownership change testing rules, preserving the availability of tax loss carryforwards.

Assistance with bank financing arrangement relating to new building purchase, including long-term asset financing.

Identification of key employee enhanced retirement plan defined opportunity, including safe harbor analysis and impact on employer cash flows.