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Executive Tax Planning and Compliance

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We provide income tax planning and compliance services to many executives employed by public and large privately-owned companies. Typically, these services are sponsored by the employer organization in order to ensure that company executives are receiving appropriate tax counsel. We routinely assist executives with the income tax and cash flow considerations related to stock-based compensation programs, deferred compensation, incentive-based compensation, and executive benefits. As requested, we are available to expand the scope of our service offering to include financial and tax planning seminars to corporate management or employee groups and provide other services similar to those identified in the High Net-Worth Family Consulting area.


Recent Accomplishments

Planning related to a lump sum distribution of employer stock from retirement plans, turning future ordinary income on the net unrealized appreciation into future long-term capital gain income.

Stock option planning to increase company stock ownership and generate sufficient cash to cover the related exercise price and tax liability.

Preparation of a tax basis schedule for company stock, and the identification of shares for charitable contributions and family gifting.