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IRS and State Tax Authority Representation

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Should your tax return be selected for examination by federal or state authorities, we are prepared to represent you. We understand that this process can create anxiety for individual and small business taxpayers and is time-consuming for larger taxpayers. Further, we understand the rules related to the procedural aspects of such examinations and can help you interpret these complexities.


Recent Accomplishments

Assistance with preparation of protest brief for IRS Appeals Office.

Assistance with preparation of Tax Court petition.

Successful defense of change in residency examinations by New York State.

Reversal of multi-million dollar partnership adjustment related to the cancellation of debt income.

Successful defense of S corporation's AAA/earnings and profits balances and sourcing of various distributions.

Successful defense of corporate and personal income tax audits as well as defense of Empire Zone tax reduction credits.

Client representation before the IRS resulted in a No Change letter.