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Tax Planning

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Tax planning is an important part of the everyday services we provide. This includes keeping you informed of relevant tax law changes and developments, providing tax projections, discussing your tax position periodically throughout the year, and working directly with any other advisors (lawyers, investment advisors, etc.) to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We encourage you to ask questions throughout the year, and it is important to us that you understand your tax return.


Recent Accomplishments

Favorable determination of real estate professional classification under passive activity rules.

Favorable characterization of loss on surrender of life insurance policy.

Successful implementation of capital gain harvesting plans for a Charitable Remainder Trust in response to new tax law changes.

Favorable characterization of loss resulting from shareholder advances to a controlled corporation.

Section 754 elections to increase the inside tax basis of partnership property for newly acquired interests.

Effective use of passive activity re-grouping rules and passive activity re-characterization rules in order to maximize tax deductions and minimize Medicare taxes.